Promotion of historical and culture cross border heritage through museums innovations





3.1. Promoting and Preserving Cultural and Historical Heritage and Traditional Skills


Lead Beneficiary

Preili County Council (Latgale Region)



Grodno State Museum of the History and Religion (Grodno Oblast)

Panevezys Local Lore Museum (Panevezys County)


Project Description

The overall objective of the project is to improve attractiveness of Preili Museum of History and Applied Arts in Preili, LV, Grodno State Museum of the History and Religion in Grodno, BY and Panevezys Local Lore Museum in Panevezys, LT by modernizing exhibitions of museums and purchasing modern technology equipment for preserving museums values and creating new museum offerings for tourists and local inhabitants. The project aims to build cross border cooperation platform creating preconditions for ensuring an increasing interest of tourists and visitors in cultural and historical heritage in border area of Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus. Museum professionals will participate in capacity building activities on digital literacy and state-of-the-art application technology in museums. For museums, like any 21st century organization, the experience of border countries exchange and newest modern technologies is extremely necessary to enhance the skills and competences of modern museum specialists.


Within the framework of the project, 3 participating museums will have joint training for the specialists of museums on digital competences, joint outdoor museums festivals will be organized with educational activities for visitors, new museum education programs for educating local students about local and cross-cultural cultural and historical heritage will be elaborated jointly by project museums, joint travelling exhibition will be created for demonstration in each of 3 project museums.


Interactive solutions will complement existing museum exhibitions, while a new interactive exposition about the history of the city of Panevezys will be created at the Museum of the Panevezys. The Grodno Museum will create a 3D laboratory for scanning of museum exhibits, interactive content for the mobile device users will be available in Preili and Grodno museum showing former, in nowadays not existing culture heritage objects in 3D view.



Project number                   ENI-LLB-1-244

Total budget                        367864,64 Eur

Eu funding                          331078,17 Eur

Implementation period      24 months (2020.06.01-2022.05.31)



More information about programme


The 2014-2020 European Neighbourhood Instrument Cross-border Cooperation Latvia-Lithuania-Belarus Programme continues successful partnership of the Latvian, Lithuanian and Belarusian organisations in the 2014-2020 programming period of the European Union. The strategic goal of this EU funded programme is to strengthen relations, raise capacities and share experience among people and organisations from Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus through implementation of joined actions aimed at increasing the overall quality of life in the border regions.


More information about programme: www.eni-cbc.eu/llb; www.europa.eu.



www.preili.lv    www.muzej.by    www.paneveziomuziejus.lt 


This webpage content is the sole responsibility of Panevėžys Local Lore museum and do not necessarily reflect the views of European Union.


More information:

Ieva Šimoliūnaitė, senior museologist-representative for information

Telephone number: (8 45) 59 61 81, e-mail address:  




Implementation process of project  No. ENI-LLB-1-244:

Joint virtual monthly exhibition. September  "The Manor". Virtual exhibition: https://bit.ly/37uJqRJ.

Joint virtual monthly exhibition. October – "The School". Virtual exhibition: https://bit.ly/2VDYya1.

Joint virtual monthly exhibition. November – "The Religion". Virtual exhibition: https://bit.ly/36wyjse.

Joint virtual monthly exhibition. December – "The Archeology". Virtual exhibition: https://bit.ly/3hn5RNb

Joint virtual monthly exhibition. January – "The Calendar". Virtual exhibition: https://bit.ly/3o2Sh3j

Joint virtual monthly exhibition. February – "The Art". Virtual exhibition: https://bit.ly/3pP76HK

Joint virtual monthly exhibition. March – "Towels". Virtual exhibition:  https://bit.ly/2P5yCnU.

Joint virtual monthly exhibition. April – "Ethnic diversity". Virtual exhibition: https://bit.ly/2PrDJ1N

Joint virtual monthly exhibition. May – "Pottery". Virtual exhibition: https://bit.ly/3ibCoIl

Joint virtual monthly exhibition. June – "Traditional clothing". Virtual exhibition: https://bit.ly/37isnSY

Joint virtual monthly exhibition. July – "Footwear". Virtual exhibition: https://bit.ly/3ykgUhJ

Joint virtual monthly exhibition. August – "Traditional woodwork". Virtual exhibition: https://bit.ly/3lwv3TQ

Joint virtual monthly exhibition. September – "Migration". Virtual exhibition: https://bit.ly/3uMKRGc